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11 Months

A new year has begun! Seems crazy to think last year we were so focused and excited for Oscar to arrive. Now his first birthday is literally weeks away! 🎁 🎉 🥳 .

This month has been one of my favourites. We celebrated Christmas 🎄 and enjoyed Dean being on holiday for weeks! Oscar has been making sure we don’t have too much of a restful holiday by channeling an impossible amount of energy into every day 💥. Crawling, cruising and constant babbling were the flavour of the month here. He has also learned to drive his toy cars back and forth with sound effects 🚗, use his brand new balance bike 🚲 (hasn’t figured out the dismount just yet), climb the stairs 🧗‍♂️ and coast around on the furniture like a pro 🛋. It seems like Oscar is SO CLOSE to walking, but he’s still building up the confidence to let go and take his first solo steps. Oscar has finally started to come out of being a super clinger (although he still loves to be cuddled, by mum in particular) and he is happy and loving life 😁 We’ve had no more teeth, and not much more sleep, but we are so enjoying how cheeky and fun-loving our little guy is at the moment. His personality is shining through, and he is such a ray of sunshine in our lives 🌞!

Its so cool to see Oscar growing into his independence, and I am very aware that his days of being a needy babe are coming to an end. Some days I look at him and see that little baby again, on others I see this super cool kid wanting to do everything for himself. It makes me happy and sad in the same breath, amazed and incredulous at how fast and slow and wonderful the past 11 months have been.

Happy eleven months cheeky monkey 🐵 .

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