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10 Months

December is upon us, and I can barely believe it but that means my little person is ten months old today 🤗! In the last month he has changed so much, sometimes I look at him and can’t see a baby at all, but instead a little boy on the go ready to explore the world 🌏. 

This month has been all about movement and speed. Oscar walks, talks and yells constantly, even when he’s sleeping 😅. So of course nobody is getting very much rest, although a few random late wake ups have almost made up for it 😴. He is now attempting to break the land speed record for crawling 💨, and his old leapfrog style has been replaced with the classic on-the-knees stance. Standing is easy, and now he’s working on pulling up on every possible thing in the house, including furniture and mum and dad’s legs. Oscar seems to have had his curiosity dial turned all the way up right now, so he’s into everything he shouldn’t be the second your eyes are off him 👀. He has two big ol’ teeth 🦷, can say both mum and dad 👪, and he still loves to laugh. His other favourite sound is Ooooohhhh, which he applies to everything, because it’s just that interesting 🤩. New things learned this month include slamming doors 🚪, balancing on his trike 🚲, eating sushi 🍣, and licking ice creams 🍦. He’s getting better everyday at using a spoon and fork 🥄, and he’s very interested in the twinkly plant that recently appeared in the living room 🎄.

This is the first month that I have felt very much like I am parenting a toddler instead of a baby, and working out the balance of independence and need. He’s energetic, but still loves to sleep with me 💤. He wants to explore, but also wants reassurance about the world. Plus I’ve been sick, reminding me again that caring for me matters just as much ❤️. Still, we’re taking each change as it comes in this exciting little journey. Things that used to be hard are now easy, and there are always new things to learn. Oscar has a lot of exploring to do, and we’re excited we get to tag along on that adventure 😚.

Happy ten months adventurous boy 😁


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