Confessions of a Serial Mover

I’m going to start this confession with the truth: I am not a fan of moving.

But, you wouldn’t know that if you looked at my life from the outside. In fact, from the outside it seems like I love moving. Like there’s nothing more that I would rather do than pack my life up on a regular basis, travel somewhere new, and plonk it down to start all over again. In fact, that habit was so ingrained in my life, a pattern if you will of moving, that even I believed it. I used to describe myself as a nomad, even though the very idea of having to move over and over again filled me with a kind of depressed dread.

Still, the fact remained that I have moved a lot in the past 10 years. It started when I finished high school and then went to university, and it’s only gotten more frantic since then.

  • 2010: Moved to Brisbane for university, didn’t like it, moved back to Darwin.
  • 2011: Tried out Melbourne for a few months, too cold, so moved back to Darwin.
  • 2012: Nearly made it the entire year without moving, then got internship to Great Keppel Island in October so headed off again.
  • 2013: Cyclone messes with Great Keppel Island so I move again. On my way home the stars align and I meet Dean. We move to Sydney, then to Darwin, then on to South East Asia all in six months.
  • 2014: I move to England to be with Dean for a year. During that time we have to move house once because our old landlord switched agents. In December, we head back to Australia via Asia again.
  • 2015: Arrive in Darwin, get our own place, yay!
  • 2016: Move from that place to somewhere nicer, and cheaper. Also yay!
  • 2017: Not enough work for Dean in Darwin, so we go down to Melbourne for the work and the weather. Both turn out to be lovely.
  • 2018: Yep, moving again.

Yes, Dean and I are moving again. Thankfully this time we’re just moving house not moving cities or countries, but it’s still more than ten moves for me in less than 8 years, and it’s seven for us in the 5 years we’ve been together. Essentially, both of us have moved every year, or more than once a year, for way too long. Let’s just say, both of us are pretty good (but not quite experts) at packing our lives up, but both of us are also absolutely sick of doing so.

This time it’s about a few things. One of these is being closer to Dean’s work (his long commute is killing both of us), another is getting back into our own place after sharing for a few months while we adjusted to live in Melbourne. It’s always hard to move, particularly when you rent and you basically have to sell yourself as a tenant to a new landlord. This time we’ve been lucky in a lot of ways (and of course unlucky in others) but we have been accepted for a place that we absolutely love, that we think suits us down to the ground. I’ve said it before, of course, but I am sick of moving, so I hope this place represents our long-term settling spot in Australia.

“Feels like I leave behind a little bit of who I was in each house we’ve left empty. Scattering pieces of me in towns all over the place. A trail of crumbs dotting the map from everywhere we’ve left to everywhere we go. And they don’t make any pictures when I connect dots. They are random like the stars littering the sky at night.”

~ Brian James

As always, we will see you on the other side.

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