A Very Slow Christmas

There are so many things I love about Christmas, but chief among them is just how slow everything seems to become. People are off work, businesses are closed, and there’s a whole lot of just hanging around at home, catching up with people, eating yummy food, and taking some time to reflect on the year that is over and the one that is coming.

Dean and I have had a few interesting Christmases together, from sweaty hot ones in Darwin, to freezing cold ones in England. This would be our second Christmas in Melbourne, but already we knew it was going to be pretty different from last time. Last year we were approaching the milestone of our first year in Melbourne, celebrating what we had achieved, and hoping for new and exciting things to come as we looked out over our real Christmas tree and the 10,000 spiders that had come along with it. This year we opted for a fake tree (no regrets there), and looked out over it and my almost 34-week pregnant belly, knowing that the arrival of our son is getting closer by the day.

It’s so wild for me to think that next Christmas we’ll be celebrating with a little baby, approaching his first birthday and probably with no idea what’s up with all the sparkly lights and fun things to play with at floor level. We’ll be celebrating almost a year of being parents, looking back on all the adventures that 2019 is sure to bring and imagining what will come next. We’ll be trying to take a break and soak up the slow holiday season, while also chasing around a little baby, likely crawling, and introducing all that magic to him as well.

In case you hadn’t picked up on it, I’m pretty excited!

Until then I’m going to be taking a few weeks off from the blog to really enjoy everything the season has to offer. Christmas in Australia, at the height of summer, is an experience that I believe everyone should have once in their life. There’s a lot of iced drinks, beach trips, air-conditioned naps, slightly melted chocolate, sunshine wanders, and (if you’re 30ish weeks pregnant) complaining about the heat. Sounds like the perfect holiday celebration to me!

So Merry Christmas to anyone who has taken some time from their busy life to read my blog over the past year. I have very much enjoyed writing it, and hope to bring you more words, and more photos, that catch your interest in the year to come.


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