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6 Years Of Birthdays With Dean

It’s totally crazy to me that I have known Dean for six birthdays now, and that I’ve been lucky enough to celebrate six birthdays with him. Looking back, it’s amazing just how much we’ve changed over six years. I mean, I get it, six years is a fairly long time and I don’t hold any illusions that I am somehow static and unchanging, but we were just so little and really had no idea what we were doing.

Seeing as we just celebrated Dean’s 29th birthday this week, I thought it might be cool to reflect on six years of birthdays, starting with the first one I was there for.

His 24th Birthday

We were living in a share house (read: hovel) in Sydney’s Glebe and had been together just a few months (yeah, already living together by then!). Dean went skydiving on his 24th birthday and came back on the biggest energy high ever. I got him t-shirts and made him a cake… It was maple bacon flavoured and I’m fairly sure it cemented our relationship.

His 25th Birthday

The big quarter century! We were actually living in England when Dean turned 25, both of us working and saving for Dean’s Australian partner visa. We took the opportunity to take a long weekend to Barcelona where we explored some amazing places, ate delicious food, and managed to get footsore and sunburned while having a great adventure.

His 26th Birthday

Dean’s first birthday back in Australia after migrating from England. We had submitted the partner visa and (as Dean couldn’t work yet) were taking a nice long road trip around the country. Dean celebrated his birthday in some tiny town as we were making our way back up to Darwin at the tail end of our trip. I put the cake in the esky and it got wet… ew.

His 27th Birthday

Probably one of the most low-key birthdays I’ve celebrated with Dean. We were days away from moving from our first place in Darwin, which was not a great fit for us, to a lovely 3rd floor walk-up that we had just signed a lease on. Seeing as we had to move all by ourselves, we took Dean’s birthday to prepare and eat a pretty nice three-tiered lime cake that I made from scratch.

His 28th Birthday

Dean’s 28th birthday was celebrated two days after we arrived in Melbourne, uprooting our lives yet again for a new adventure. I walked all over our new neighbourhood to get gifts that I had mailed down in advance which were spread around different post offices, and after we wandered in the lovely autumn streets of our new home and ate hipster doughnuts.

His 29th Birthday

The most recent birthday, numero 29, we spent in our new-new Melbourne place, which we both just love. I made a delicious lime cheesecake, Dean got a number of great gifts (thanks not only to me but his family in the U.K too), and we went to see Infinity Wars at our favourite cinema. There was only a small amount of panic at it being Dean’s last birthday in his 20s, which I was pretty impressed about.




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