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25 Weeks Of Growing You

I haven’t met you yet, I’ve had you with me now for 25 weeks. That’s 175 days of loving you from the outside and watching you get slowly bigger and start to make your mark on my life. You are apparently about as big as a cauliflower, around 35cm long and 660 grams in weight. It doesn’t seem like much, but I’m amazed at how far you’ve come, and how far we’ve come together. When we started you were a poppy seed, so small that it amazed me you even existed. Back then your heart wasn’t even beating, but now it sounds in chorus with my own. You’re my own personal miracle.

Five weeks ago I wrote about how we played a game where you gave one little kick and I second-guessed myself as to whether it really was a kick I had felt. Well, there’s no playing about it now. I feel your kicks positively pummelling my insides. The strength of your little legs is a shock to me every time, and some days it stops me right in my tracks. This is how you amaze me. I’ve noticed that you kick more when you hear my voice, as I’m modelling a lesson in class or reading out loud. I want to feel those kicks, so your dad and I sit and read to you, and watch as your roll around in there, hopefully happy to hear us talking. When we meet you, around 15 weeks from now, I hope you remember our voices.

As for me, well growing you is hard work! On some days I’m so hungry I feel like all I do is eat. On other days so tired I snatch naps where I can get them and go to bed well before the sun. My belly button is on a mission to pop right out of my stomach, and as you stretch your legs I feel my own body stretching out too. We have so much more growing to do together, and even though pregnancy isn’t always a walk in the park, I’m glad to have as many as 100 days (or more) with you still hanging out in my belly.

Oh, and we know what you are now! There was no hiding it when we went for our scan, and we are thrilled to know that we’ll be welcoming you, our little guy, when February finally rolls around.

See you soon little man, and here’s to 25 weeks of growing you!

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