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Reaching the Halfway Mark {20 Weeks}

The strangest thing that I’ve so far noted – among many strange things if I’m being perfectly honest – since being pregnant is how time seems to move simultaneously so slow and so fast. I’ve heard it said before that the days are long but the years are fast, and that has been a fairly accurate statement about my pregnancy in general. Here I am, 20 weeks in and officially at the halfway mark, and yet it seems like just yesterday in my head that I was looking at those two little lines, and madly trying to get in contact with Dean to cry and scream and celebrate.

So today we’re celebrating again, because 20 weeks is a fantastically huge milestone. It’s the halfway mark in something that Dean and I seemed to wait eons for, that we’re now joyfully in the middle of. It’s even more of a celebration because there are so many enormous unknowns in pregnancy, particularly in the early weeks. I feel like I spent the entirety of my first trimester just slightly on edge, waiting for something to go wrong but never wanting anything less. We tracked, week-to-week, the growth of our little person, amazed at how small they were, and how big they would become. Now we’re halfway, and that little passenger of ours is big as a banana and measures about 16.5cm (6.5inch) from their head to their bottom, and weighs about 300 grams. Not much, but we’ve come a long way since they were a poppy seed, and we are thrilled.

The baby isn’t the only thing that’s growing, I am as well! I’m just starting to get that additional curve in my belly, the start of what I’m sure will be an enormous bump in the very near future. It was interesting to realise that I have spent so much of my life subconsciously tensing/pulling in my own stomach, but now that there’s a person living in there I really can’t do that anymore. I’m trying to ‘let go’ a little bit and enjoy the bump. It won’t be there for long after all!

Also, the baby and I are playing a game right now where they do a little kick, and then I second-guess myself as to whether it really was a kick or not. When I stop to pay more attention, they stop kicking altogether. Ah, the wonders of pregnancy!

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