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Yes To The Mini Adventure [Plenty River Trail]

There’s something nice about an adventure, but life moves so quickly and gets so busy that it’s easy to feel like there’s just no time for them. Adventures are, by nature, big all-encompassing journeys taking days to be properly enjoyed… But do they have to be?

I’m making an argument today for the mini adventure. The little one that you slot in between breakfast and lunch, that provides the breath of fresh air that you need to face your normal life. We might think adventures need to be big, but the mini adventure can offer just as much magic, albeit in a smaller package.

Dean and I went on one of these mini adventures the other day. We had just stopped by one of my favourite Melbourne second-hand shops (Savers, I love ya) and we were looking for something to do in the area. A quick Google search showed there was actually a little river stroll nearby that we could wander a small section of. The Plenty River Trail is a massive walk if you do the entire thing, but we only wanted a mini adventure, to hear the running water and to enjoy the cool air. So down from Greensborough we went.

In all honesty, I wasn’t expecting anything from this little walk. My main aim was just to stretch my legs and have a few moments free of the sound of traffic and the rushing hum of the city. What we got instead was a pleasant surprise. A pretty little river surrounded by tree life with a well-maintained trail running alongside. Large groups of happy ducks paddling around on the river’s still edges. A totally unexpected swinging suspension bridge that offered just enough enjoyment to make the walk worthwhile. In all, a mini adventure.

It really is so easy to feel like you have no time for an adventure in your life. Work inches into every corner, and there’s an overwhelming need to just sit back and relax when you’ve got time off on the weekends. With winter coming, there’s nothing I would rather do than be snuggled up on the couch with Dean and a bit of  Netflix, drinking endless cups of tea and enjoying the magic of being cosy. There’s space in my life for that kind of relaxing, but there’s room for adventure too. Even if the only adventure is a little one, slotted in between breakfast and lunch on a pretty average Sunday, where you get to stretch your legs, swing on a suspension bridge, and listen to a river gurgling alongside you.


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