A Review Of The Teva Arrowood Lux

A good pair of shoes is hard to find, but in a good pair of shoes a girl can conquer the world.

Personally, I’ve always had a bit of a love-hate relationship with shoes. Almost my entire childhood was spent barefoot, and for years I found shoes to be the most constricting thing (admittedly, widening my feet through years of walking barefoot probably didn’t help). I would even take my shoes off after school, and walk home barefoot with the shoes slung over my shoulder on the laces. Then I realised (so belatedly) about a year ago that I had spent most of my adult life wearing a size 10, when I was actually a size 11. Yep, I’m the adult who didn’t know their own shoe size… Moving on!

For hiking boots in particular I’ve always struggled. When you do as much hiking as Dean and I, having a good pair of hiking shoes isn’t just useful, it’s essential. I’ve dealt with blister-causing boots and toe-crushing boots, and looks-like-a-moon-boot boots, and I never really found a pair that I just loved.

Until I found the Teva Arrowood Lux.

Popping in at an average outdoors warehouse where we had stopped to look at jumpers, we found the entire shop was having a closing down blow out sale. Almost everything was 50% off, and I was in need of a decent pair of hiking boots so I started looking. Now, if you’re a woman with big feet I probably don’t need to tell you how difficult it is to find a size 11. Most shops only stock a small number, providing more of the average sizes, and it always feels like a bit of a lottery win to find a nice pair in the right size. I spotted the Teva Arrowood Lux almost straight away because it was a bit of a different look to the boots I’d had in the past. To be honest, they looked like a pair of sneakers, but nicer and a bit more book-like. The tan leather looked very snazzy and I loved the minty blue colour on the inner. I did a quick scan of the pile of boxes and felt my joy fading fast. There were only a small number of the Teva Arrowood Lux shoes left, what were my chances of finding an 11?

Well, pretty good actually. I managed to score a pair of 11s and I haven’t looked back since. Seeing as I’m still wearing them solidly 8 months later I figured it was probably time for a review.

The Feel

From the moment I put on these shoes, I knew they were going to be a winner. They were just comfy, from the first step it was like walking in cushions on top of marshmallows. Ok, that might be a slight over exaggeration, but they are definitely among the comfiest shoes I have ever worn. I can wear my Teva Arrowood Lux shoes all day with no pain, blisters or worries. I never even had to wear them in! They were good right from the start.

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The Look + Features

There’s no denying that the Teva Arrowood Lux is a fancy looking shoe. The specific one that I got, which is the Women’s Arrowood Lux Mid Waterproof boot has a premium look and luxury features. The entire upper is leather, which is waterproof for rainy days and puddle jumping. I’m always a bit suss about shoes that claim to be waterproof, but I have tested the Teva Arrowood Lux extensively and I can tell you that no matter the mud or rain, my feet stay toasty and dry. The inside of the shoe is a really lovely light blue colour and there’s a removable sock liner as well. While they don’t look like a traditional hiking boot, I love that the Teva Arrowood Lux is the kind of shoe that you could wear on a hike and then also on a wander around town without looking like you’re dressed for an outdoor trek. I’ve worn them pretty much anywhere I would wear a sneaker, as well as on hikes, and they never fail to get compliments from people!

After all that mud trekking, I have also found the boots very easy to clean. A quick wipe with a damp cloth takes off most of the dirt and a light brush removes the rest and serves to buff the leather a little. I’ve worn them for literally hundreds of hours and after a wash they look almost brand new.

The Price

Now, the Teva Arrowood Lux are a great boot, but that kind of quality unfortunately doesn’t come cheaply. I managed to get my pair at a considerable discount, down from AUD$270 to AUD$135. It was still the most I’d ever spent on a pair of shoes, but I had a feeling that the Teva Arrowood Lux would be worth it. They definitely are worth it, and I can say with certainty that I’d recommend them if you’re looking for a comfy, good-looking boot and you have money to spend. One way that I’ve been thinking about it is they’re essentially a hiking boot and a sneaker rolled into one, which means one pair of shoes that you can wear everywhere. So, in that way, they’re definitely worth the price.


All up the Teva Arrowood Lux are among the best hiking boots I’ve ever owned. Stylish in the look, super comfy to wear for long hikes and short ones, easy to clean, seriously impressive waterproofing. They’re everything that you need from a hiking boot that you can actually wear as a sneaker. The only thing that does bum me out about them is the price. There’s no getting around the fact that they are an expensive shoe, but I think they’re definitely worth the price if you love the look of them and you want a reliable sneaker boot for your adventures. I’ve basically walked clear through the bottom of mine from almost constant wear in the last 8 months and I’m on the lookout for another pair. Hopefully, Christmas sales will be kind to me, because my feet love those shoes!

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