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Merri Creek Trail Wandering [Baby Carrying]

The best hike is the one that you’re actually going to do, and that’s what the Merri Creek Trail was for us. See, originally we had planned to tackle the Werribee Gorge Circuit on Christmas morning, to start off our day of indulgence with something totally healthy. The only problem was it had been a while since we hiked it, and both of us thought it was a 2 hour hike… Actually it’s more like 3 hours, with an additional 1 hour of driving each way. Don’t get me wrong, I wanted to start my Christmas off by stretching my legs, but I wasn’t that eager.

So we went back to the drawing board, and tried to pick a hike that was close by, offered a chance to enjoy a beautiful Christmas morning, and didn’t result in everyone losing their mind in frustration.

The Merri Creek Trail was the perfect alternative.

Running for 21km, we were able to jump onto a lovely part of the trail that began around Coburg Lake Reserve and continue from there, walking as far as we wanted before turning back. The Merri Creek Trail meanders along the Merri Creek (no surprises there), through a beautiful little corridor of bushland complete with wildlife and nature abound. Sure, in the distance there is the sound of urban living, but along the Merri Creek Trail there’s just the faint trickle of the water, the song of birds, the click of bicycle gears, and the tread of our feet on the path.

Oscar has been totally fed up with the pram lately, but we were expecting that and also bought our baby carrier, which is fantastic pram alternative and perfect for us. We have the Ergobaby Omni 360 Cool Mesh Carrier, purchased online (definitely check out online sellers before you pay full price!). It’s very comfortable to carry even a heavy bub like Oscar in this carrier, and for our Christmas hike I carried him myself in the back carry position. You can also carry your baby on your hip, and on your front facing both in and out. We like the Ergobaby for hiking because it’s a soft carrier, so you can just fold it up and stuff it into a bag or the bottom of the pram. It doesn’t fold up to be super small, but it’s still very portable. And Oscar pretty much always falls asleep in the carrier, which makes for a nice relaxing hike!

Tips For The Merri Creek Trail

  • The Merri Creek Trail runs for 21kms through Melbourne’s Northern suburbs from Dights Falls to the Western Ring Road. You definitely don’t have to do the entire thing in one go, and in fact most people don’t. The majority of walkers just do a section of it, allowing them to enjoy the area without committing to a long hike.
  • There are ample parking places along the trail, and lots of entry points. Check it out on Google Maps if you’re looking to hike so you can see where the best starting point is for you.
  • Along the trail are lots of cool places, including bridges to cross, playgrounds to play on, lakes to walk around (Coburg Lake Reserve) and an urban farm!
  • You can find more info on the Merri Creek Trail here.

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