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    The Geocache Challenge… FAILED

    The Geocache Challenge

    It’s the best laid plans that often go astray, and our 100 Geocache Challenge was certainly one of them. I started this post as a draft the day I announced the challenge, and triumphantly wrote the title as if we had succeeded. Too bad we would not. As it turns out, we had a surprisingly large amount to do in England. There was family to see, dogs to walk, commons to explore, long wanders to take, and so many other…

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    One Last Walk

    We do a lot of walking when we’re in England. Not just because the weather is a nice change, but because England seems to welcome walkers. There are endless footpaths, new…

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    Back In Time At Bodiam Castle

    I don’t get much opportunity (read: none) to visit castles in Australia, particularly gorgeous and historic castles complete with full battlements and moats. So, when Dean found Bodiam Castle through a…

  • England Travel

    A Foggy Day In Eastbourne

    It was just our luck that the day we drove to Eastbourne it would be foggy. Weather in England is always a bit of a gamble. One day it’s clear skies and…

  • The Long Walk to Windsor Castle
    England Travel

    The Long Walk To Windsor Castle

    The Long Walk to Windsor Castle appeals to Dean and I the moment we read about it. Certainly, it appeals much more than spending several hours walking around Windsor Castle itself.…

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    Arriving In England for Christmas

    Jetlag. Dark mornings. Early sunsets. Cold days. Old friends. Family. Dogs. We have arrived in England. The days are shorter, and we feel those missing hours of sunlight like you wouldn’t…