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    Shooting At Our Local Park

    I can honestly say that prior to lockdown/social isolation I never really bothered that much to take my camera to our local park. I think when I started my 366 Project it did briefly accompany me on a few park trips, where we used to go in the afternoon in the summers to kick the ball with Oscar and let him crawl on the grass as our backyard has none. But ultimately, it was not an ‘exciting’ place for me…

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    Boy Meets Bath

    It’s been a hot minute since we got out our metal tub for Oscar to have a bath in. He went through a stage where he was obsessed with trying to…

  • Photography

    April Through The Lens [366 Project]

    April has been and gone here, and for the entirety of the month we were in isolation/lockdown with all of our activities and socialising cancelled. What a strange time we are…

  • Family Life Lifestyle

    Mornings On The Deck

    With Oscar and I being home 90% of the time these days thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, we spend a lot of time on our deck. Our backyard is basically half deck…

  • Hiking

    Seeking Autumn Maples

    I had big dreams the year that Oscar was born to do all the things that I loved to do, only with a baby, including hiking in the Dandenongs and seeing…