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Oceana Setaysha


    My 2018 In Photographs

    Another year, another few thousand photographs to add to my collection. 2018 is over and it’s that time again for me to have a look back on the adventures of the year through the pictures that I have taken. I’m much more mindful of the pictures that I take and keep these days, a far cry from the 10,000 (!) photos I took yearly when I first started my journey as a photographer in 2009. These days I tend to…

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  • Lifestyle

    A Very Slow Christmas

    There are so many things I love about Christmas, but chief among them is just how slow everything seems to become. People are off work, businesses are closed, and there’s a whole…

  • Lifestyle

    That Dumb Thing With The Rainbow Tape

    Excuse my super white belly, but I want tell you a funny story, complete with discomfort, pregnancy desperation, pain, regret, and rainbow tape. Recently I was at my wits end (sad…

  • Australia Travel

    A Colourful Beach Walk At Brighton Beach Boxes

    The Brighton Beach Boxes in Brighton, VIC are one of those places that you’ve just seen around. They’re on postcards and in tourism advertisements, they’re contained within in-flight magazines and splashed across…

  • Lifestyle

    Goodbye Second Trimester! {28 Weeks}

    It’s official, I am 28 weeks pregnant! What an incredible 28 weeks it has been, I’m amazed at the entire thing to be honest. Finding out I was pregnant when I…