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    Mornings On The Deck

    With Oscar and I being home 90% of the time these days thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, we spend a lot of time on our deck. Our backyard is basically half deck and half paving with no grass, which I admit is not really a great option for a little kid who loves to walk (and now also run) endlessly around. Still, we try and make do with the cards we’ve been dealt, so I am learning to love the deck.…

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  • Hiking

    Seeking Autumn Maples

    I had big dreams the year that Oscar was born to do all the things that I loved to do, only with a baby, including hiking in the Dandenongs and seeing…

  • Kids Activities Lifestyle

    The Magic Of A Playground

    I need to preface this by saying that these are old photographs from before playgrounds were closed in our area due to the coronavirus pandemic. It’s strange to think that something…

  • Photography

    Marching On [366 Project]

    I find I’m so grateful that I decided to do this 366 project, even more so now with everything going on. The world seems quite crazy, and it’s nice to know…

  • Lifestyle

    The Darkest Of Times

    I have hesitated in writing this blog. Not quite agonised but perhaps procrastinated? It’s so hard to know what to say to people around me, people who I know well, let…

  • Photography

    There Goes February [366 Project]

    February is always a short month in my mind, even though this year it was technically one day longer (see you in another four years February 29th!), but even so I’m…