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    Look Back On January [366 Project]

    On a whim when the year ticked over, I decided that this year, 2020, was the year that I would do a 365 project. In fact it was such an unexpected decision that I spent several days calling it a 365 project when in reality it would be a 366 project as 2020 is a leap year. Not deterred I kept my camera with me at all times, ready to capture those little moments that are so often missed in…

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  • Family Lifestyle

    So This Is Christmas

    It’s amazing to me to look back on last Christmas and think just how much has changed since then. Christmas is a funny little holiday, it’s one of those ones that…

  • Family Lifestyle

    An Excuse To Get Dressed Up

    It’s not that often Dean and I have an excuse to get dressed up. In fact, during the length of our relationship I can only really think of a few times…

  • Family Lifestyle

    10 Months

    December is upon us, and I can barely believe it but that means my little person is ten months old today 🤗! In the last month he has changed so much,…

  • Family Lifestyle

    9 Months

    How has this happened so fast? This coming month Oscar will have existed as long in the world as he was in the womb. This feels like the beginning of a…