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    7 Months

    I feel like, now that we’re past the halfway mark, life is moving even quicker again than it was before. It’s almost as if we’re rolling faster and faster down this amazing rollercoaster that has been Oscar’s first year. We’re not at the end yet, but so far the trip has been simply amazing ✨.  Oscar is big into movement and noise these days. He loves to swing his arms, kick his legs, stomp his feet, drum his hands and…

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    Here’s To 28

    Birthdays have never really been a super important thing for me. I love celebrating other people, but I find it really hard to enjoy my own birthday for some reason. In fact,…

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    Oscar’s Half Birthday [6 Months]

    I distinctly remember, just after we came home from the hospital, looking down at the tiny baby in my arms and thinking that six months was an eternity away, and things…

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    Five Months

    How can I even begin to describe the immense joy, love and wonder I’m feeling at the five month mark. As always, time has been both fleeting and fickle, and before…

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    Dean’s First UK Father’s Day

    When Oscar was born Dean made it very clear that he wanted him to be in a position to embrace the English side of his heritage, which is fair enough. I…

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    Four Months

    Four months. More than 16 glorious weeks of loving this little boy, and it has gone faster than ever before. He’s grown immensely in the last few weeks, and his personality…

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    Our Little Spaceman

    Stargazing was always a part of my relationship with Dean. I suppose we kind of fell into it as a habit. We met on a warm summers evening and didn’t want…