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    An Autumn Day Trip to The Dandenong Ranges

    When you jump in a new (second-hand) car and head off to the horizon, there are worst places to end up than the Dandenong Ranges. On Sunday, literally minutes after sorting out all the adult stuff like insurance for our new automobile baby, we make an impromptu decision to hit the road for a wander somewhere new. Somewhere new is a bit of a misnomer for us to be honest, because in Melbourne everything feels new. We are strangers in…

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  • England Travel

    One Last Walk

    We do a lot of walking when we’re in England. Not just because the weather is a nice change, but because England seems to welcome walkers. There are endless footpaths, new…

  • The Long Walk to Windsor Castle
    England Travel

    The Long Walk To Windsor Castle

    The Long Walk to Windsor Castle appeals to Dean and I the moment we read about it. Certainly, it appeals much more than spending several hours walking around Windsor Castle itself.…

  • England Travel

    Arriving In England for Christmas

    Jetlag. Dark mornings. Early sunsets. Cold days. Old friends. Family. Dogs. We have arrived in England. The days are shorter, and we feel those missing hours of sunlight like you wouldn’t…

  • De La Plage - Casuarina Coastal Reserve
    Australia Travel

    De La Plage And Beach Walks

    A few years ago the Casuarina Coastal Reserve was all natural beauty, stunning to say the least. Now they have coffee too, and it’s just about perfect. De La Plage opened…

  • Why We Love Geocaching - Caching in London
    Geocaching Wanders

    Why I Love Geocaching

    Geocaching was a term that I first heard way back in 2009 or 2010. I saw it in a movie called Splinterheads. The movie itself was nothing special, something of a hipster…