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    So I Switched From Nikon To Canon

    Nikon To Canon Switch Review

    I’d always thought of myself as a loyalist, but not that long ago I took the plunged and changed allegiances, switching from Nikon to Canon. I gave up my trusty, well-loved Nikon D7000 that I’d purchased in 2012 after the demise of my very first camera (a Nikon D60) and purchased a Canon 6D. Why? Well, let me explain. I’d been thinking about going full frame for a while, and when Dean and I had a run of good financial…

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  • Red Rock Sunrise
    Australia Travel

    Sunrise At Red Rock, NSW

    On the first morning after Dean and I met, we watched a sunrise. It was one of those moments where I realised, probably rather belatedly, that I was living in the…

  • Personal Photography

    And I’ll Walk Behind

    Let me start by making the confession that no photographer really wants to make: I am terrible at organising my photographs. Sometimes, I’ll take hundreds of beautiful photographs and never look…

  • Barcelona, Spain
    Spain Travel

    Barcelona In A Long Weekend

    Barcelona. So many new sights, smells and sounds. A city full of life and colour. Barcelona was an experience for all the senses, and a place I hope to one day return.…