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    The Flame Trees Flower Again

    flame trees

    When the build-up comes to Darwin, and the air seems hot enough to start a fire with every breath, if not for the humidity to sizzle it out in smoke, the flame trees know it’s time to bloom. Flame trees, a.k.a. delonix regia or the Royal Poinciana, is a sure sign that the year is zipping up to a sweaty close in the Top End. Her fiery display of florals is enough to make any walker stop in their tracks. I’ve…

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    Dad’s Bush House

    When Dad sold our family home a few years back, I felt like my ties with my hometown had been somewhat severed. It was not an issue of fault, but rather…

  • Darwin’s Flame Trees

    Chasing Darwin’s Flame Trees

    Even though the weather is out to get me, my favourite time of year is when the flame trees come into bloom. In Darwin they’re called poinciana, but to me they’ll always…