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    Hiking Chatauqua Peak, Grampians National Park

    Chatauqua Peak, Grampians National Park

    Standing on the top of Chatauqua Peak on Friday afternoon, looking out over the small valley town of Halls Gap as it was laid out below me looking almost like a children’s play set, I took a deep breath. Underneath my feet the sandstone mountains were well and truly warming as the sun rose in an arc overhead. I could feel the heat, like a golden light bath, in between the gusts of cold winter air as I looked out over…

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    So, This Is Melbourne

    Not that long ago I announced here on the blog that Dean and I were moving to Melbourne, and we’ve done it. We arrived a few days ago, diving straight from…

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    Moving Again… To Melbourne!

    Dean and I have never been dedicated to a single place. We’ve moved so much since we’ve been together, and so much in the years before we met, that our rental…