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    A Word On Territory Day

    I’m not currently based in the Northern Territory as many of my readers already know. While I am, and will always be, a Territory girl at heart, Dean and I recently decided to move down to Melbourne. We are very much enjoying living here, the cool change has been long awaited. That being said, I do miss some parts of my life in the N.T., particularly Territory Day. Celebrated on the 1st of July, the day marks the anniversary of…

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  • Hanoi, Vietnam
    Travel Vietnam

    Inside The Beast Of Hanoi, Vietnam

    Hanoi is a beast of a place. Like a machine it hums under the surface even when you think it should be sleeping. There are thousands upon thousands of moving parts,…

  • City Living in Bangkok, Thailand
    Thailand Travel

    Bangkok: City Of Fallen Angels

    The hum of the city is all encompassing. It fills the narrow streets and lanes with as much prevalence and vigour as the highways and motorways. The buildings crowd together as…

  • Woodford Folk Festival At Sunrise
    Australia Personal

    The Woodford New Year

    I’m sitting in the Chai Tent with my New Year adventurers when I look at the time. It will soon be sunrise. I’m momentarily surprised that I’ve even made it this…