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    A Word On Territory Day

    I’m not currently based in the Northern Territory as many of my readers already know. While I am, and will always be, a Territory girl at heart, Dean and I recently decided to move down to Melbourne. We are very much enjoying living here, the cool change has been long awaited. That being said, I do miss some parts of my life in the N.T., particularly Territory Day. Celebrated on the 1st of July, the day marks the anniversary of…

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    So, We Got Engaged!

    It’s the last day of January, 2013. In a small town on the coast of Queensland, a storm has just blown through. The roads are flooded, and rain threatens on the…

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    Moving Again… To Melbourne!

    Dean and I have never been dedicated to a single place. We’ve moved so much since we’ve been together, and so much in the years before we met, that our rental…

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    That Walk-Up Life

    In April of last year Dean and I moved from a ground floor place into a three-storey walk-up. It wasn’t a move we thought we’d be making. We knew for sure…

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    Those Early Mornings

    There’s something about getting up early that I’ve always appreciated. Sure, some days I let the morning pass me by, waking when the sun is well established. But at least a…

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    Stormy Mornings And Raising Teachers

    My favourite kind of mornings are the stormy ones. They’re the ones where I wake up, walk out of the bedroom, and find the house is still dark from the hiding…

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    Starting Something New

    I’ve always liked to think of myself as someone who is willing to take a leap in life, but you can’t deny that some leaps are harder than others. This is…