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    Home Again To Melbourne

    It has been so good to be back home in Melbourne. Yes, I miss my parents like crazy, along with the rest of my Darwin family and friends, and (let’s be honest) some warmer weather would be nice, but it’s just fantastic to be back with Dean in our little spot here in Melbourne. I spent the first week back in recovery mode from my practical, and then when the weekend rolled around I decided it was high time we hit the…

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    Reflecting On A Primary Practical

    I’m sitting at my desk in Melbourne. It’s Monday morning, and for the first week in six weeks I’m not in Darwin. Today, I didn’t have to get up at the…

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    Mum’s Magical Garden

    Gardening is very much a part of my identity now, but I wasn’t always a gardener. In fact, it never really occurred to me when I was younger to grow or…

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    Dad’s Bush House

    When Dad sold our family home a few years back, I felt like my ties with my hometown had been somewhat severed. It was not an issue of fault, but rather…