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    So, We Got Engaged!

    It’s the last day of January, 2013. In a small town on the coast of Queensland, a storm has just blown through. The roads are flooded, and rain threatens on the horizon. Two people meet in a backpackers hostel. They play pool and laugh, amazed at how quickly hours pass in good company. One is an English man on his way from Cairns to Brisbane, just one month into a trip of a lifetime in Australia. The other is an…

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    Moving Again… To Melbourne!

    Dean and I have never been dedicated to a single place. We’ve moved so much since we’ve been together, and so much in the years before we met, that our rental…

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    That Walk-Up Life

    In April of last year Dean and I moved from a ground floor place into a three-storey walk-up. It wasn’t a move we thought we’d be making. We knew for sure…

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    Those Early Mornings

    There’s something about getting up early that I’ve always appreciated. Sure, some days I let the morning pass me by, waking when the sun is well established. But at least a…

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    Stormy Mornings And Raising Teachers

    My favourite kind of mornings are the stormy ones. They’re the ones where I wake up, walk out of the bedroom, and find the house is still dark from the hiding…

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    Starting Something New

    I’ve always liked to think of myself as someone who is willing to take a leap in life, but you can’t deny that some leaps are harder than others. This is…

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    A Four Day Visit

    My mum’s brother came to visit us last week, all the way from ‘down south’ in New South Wales. It was a pretty special occasion, him never having had the opportunity…