Our 820/801 Australian Partner Visa Journey

Dean and I met in early 2013, through a mix of fate and coincidence. From the moment we crossed paths, both of us knew that we wanted to make a life together. Unfortunately, it wasn’t as easy as that.

Love on an international scale might sound romantic as hell, but it’s mostly just stress, paperwork, and waiting. With no real idea of the process, Dean and I threw ourselves into the 820/801 Australian Parter Visa, so that we could make a life in my home country. Two years down the line, we’re still waiting. We applied without the help of a migration agent (mostly because we couldn’t afford it), and we definitely aren’t experts. However, we know that a lot of people are out there in the same boat as us, and we want to help.

So, we’ve been keeping track of our journey towards the 820/801 Australian partner visa. While far from professional (i.e. unofficial), we hope that our advice helps others going through the same process of us. Feel free to have a look at what we’ve done for our application, and we always love to hear the stories and experiences of others battling towards PR through the 820/801 Partner Visa process.

Good luck!

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