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Our 820/801 Visa Journey

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    Why Is My Australian Partner Visa Taking So Long – FAQs On The 820/801 Visa

    Three Year Anniversary

    If you’re like many of the readers of my blog, you first discovered this website thanks to my articles on the Australian partner visa. We first applied for our Australian Partner Visa in 2015, and after a long wait, applied for the second stage in 2017. If you’re on the same journey as us, you already know that there’s not a lot of information out there on the Australian partner visa that really answers the questions that people have about the…

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    Reflecting On A Primary Practical

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    Parap Markets Calls Me Home

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    Dad’s Bush House

    When Dad sold our family home a few years back, I felt like my ties with my hometown had been somewhat severed. It was not an issue of fault, but rather…