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Our 820/801 Visa Journey

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    Sunrise At Mariners Lookout, Great Ocean Road

    A pre-dawn wind chills me as I’m standing on Mariners Lookout, gazing down at the tiny township of Apollo Bay on the Great Ocean Road. I silently cheer for the rising sun, standing freezing on top of the hilltop, coat wrapped tight and not even close to warm. Why am I here again? I’m at Mariners Lookout, at sunrise, on our first full day on the Great Ocean Road because Dean and I have a thing for sunrise. The morning…

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    Well, There Goes 25!

    I’ve never been a big fan of birthdays. Well, maybe back in the day, when childhood birthdays meant cake and eating as much as I could until feeling physically sick and…

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    Three Generations Of Strength and Coffee

    When I think about my Oma, I think about two things: strength and coffee. My Oma, my Dutch grandmother, migrated to Australia in the 1960s along with her husband (my Opa)…

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    Life’s Busy Over Here

    Hey there people. Just in case you haven’t realised from the last few weeks of intermittent posting on Instagram and (oh dear) radio blog silence, life has been pretty busy over…

  • Nikon To Canon Switch Review

    So I Switched From Nikon To Canon

    I’d always thought of myself as a loyalist, but not that long ago I took the plunged and changed allegiances, switching from Nikon to Canon. I gave up my trusty, well-loved…

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    A Word On Territory Day

    I’m not currently based in the Northern Territory as many of my readers already know. While I am, and will always be, a Territory girl at heart, Dean and I recently…